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Request customised data

Our data request service enables you to request summary data tables from the National Aged Care Data Clearinghouse (NACDC) at new and different levels of disaggregation.

All requests for sensitive data are assessed against legislation and privacy principles and agreements with partner policy agencies, to determine if the information can be lawfully disclosed.

Submitting a data request

Before deciding to request data, complete the following steps:

1. Make sure what you require for your research project is not already publicly available under Access data. This is an important step since it can save you time and money.

2. If you do not find what you need, read the NACDC user guide. Here you will find information on the scope of aged care data that is available.

3. Complete a data request form. Include details of the aged care programs, population groups, reference periods, geographies and/or measures you require. If possible, attach a table shell to your form. We will contact you via email if we require further information or clarification regarding your request.


We do not charge for most aged care data requests from the NACDC.

Time to provide data

It takes between two weeks and several months to provide data, depending on the complexity of your request. You will be given an estimated completion date for your request.

Five Safes assessment

Some data requests may be subject to a Five Safes assessment.

Ethics approvals

Some data requests require ethical approval by the AIHW Ethics Committee. For information about fees payable for ethics applications, see Applying for ethical (HREC) review.

Data linkage

All data linkage requests must be approved by the AIHW Ethics Committee. Cost recovery applies for AIHW data linkage services. For information about fees payable for data linkage services, see Data linkage costs.